‘I Quit Sugar For Life’

published on January 13th 2015

You may not be the kind of person who thinks a Belgian endive and a cucumber makes a good lunch while travelling. You may not have any intention of making your own whey. But journalist Sarah Wilson campaigns for many good old-fashioned habits in this frank, amusing book, including cooking from scratch, sitting down to proper meals, using leftovers and making the most of your freezer. The claim that it is fad-free is brow-raising – they’re all in here: Paleo, ayurvedic, vegan, Blue Zones, gluten-free, protein powders, green smoothies, chia, coconut oil. Wilson also falls into the ersatz cake trap (brownies made with rice malt syrup and nut butter are still brownies), but I Quit Sugar for Life is worth a read for challenging your consumption of sugar and processed foods, and improving your daily routines.