‘A Good Food Day’

published on March 17th 2015

This is a wonderful book. Marco Canora just gets it. The New York City-based chef has been marked as a game-changer since opening bone broth takeaway Brodo in 2014 (he also runs an Italian restaurant called Hearth). In this book Canora uses his astute professional palate to prove that healthy really can equal delicious. Or, as he puts it, ‘feeling well and eating well go hand in hand’. We love the breadth and depth of his larder – plenty of fresh vegetables, well-reared meats, high quality dairy and a terrific variety of starches. Every recipe we’ve tried has been lovely, with sweet potato and cauliflower tortilla particularly memorable. The dishes are mostly simple too. Like virtually all folk of Mediterranean extraction, he has a heavy hand with the olive oil, but you can easily reduce it if you need to. Or trust in the fact that Canora himself lost 25lb eating this way.