‘The 3-Day Reset’

published on June 8th 2015

This is not a detox book – at least not in the usual sense. It’s about reintroducing your tastebuds to real food. Bay Area-based Pooja Mottl explains how people (particularly in the West and with a lot of help from the food industry) have become disconnected from natural ingredients, then provides simple steps to reset our taste for them. Sometimes it’s as simple as adding lemon zest and a touch of honey to high quality yogurt instead of reaching for the Activia; others involve cooking lamb stews and making chicken stock from scratch. The chapters tackle not just the predictable wheat, sugar and salt but breakfast (‘morning dessert’) and salads laden with croutons, grated cheese, thick dressings and the like. Her great contribution is an erudite derision of fake health foods, making The 3-Day Reset perfect for otherwise-intelligent people who have relied on convenience foods for too long.